Military Jobs at BMI Healthcare

BMI Healthcare is proud to support the UK's Armed Forces and Reservists and, in 2018, became part of the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme.

We are committed to the total support force concept, striving to support the armed forces in their employment across our 50+ UK hospitals. We offer flexible patterns of work and leave to employees in service and to the spouses of those in service.

We were awarded the Silver Award in the Ministry of Defence's Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme 2019. This scheme recognises employers who actively support the armed forces and reservists in conducting their duties.

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What can BMI Healthcare do for you?

If you or your spouse is a current or former member of the forces, BMI Healthcare has various policies that you could benefit from.

Healthcare for armed forces personnel

We don't just support the forces as an employer. We also offer our support as a healthcare provider.

Where possible, if a member of Armed Forces and their families is referred to a BMI hospital or clinic for medical treatment, they will be prioritised, to be seen as soon as possible.

This is part of our pledge to support all armed forces personnel, both during their time in service and as they transition into civilian life.

If you or your spouse is a current or former member of the forces, BMI Healthcare has various policies that you could benefit from.

Supporting reserve forces

Our reservist policy supports employees who are acting military reservists, including providing time off for military training.

Reservists and Cadet Force adult volunteers are required to match any paid leave provided by the Company with their own holiday entitlement, ie one day's holiday and one day's paid leave for every two days required.

Reservists may take a maximum of ten days paid leave per year under our military reservist policy.

Military jobs & supporting armed forces communities

We support all members of the armed forces community including service leavers, armed forces veterans, reservists and their spouses.

If you are a service leaver, veteran or reservist, we will endeavour to support your application as best we can, including help with any elements where you require additional information.

The benefits of working in the private sector

As well as programmes that support military personnel and their families, there are many perks of working at BMI Healthcare that all our employees enjoy.

Some of the benefits our staff feel matter most are:

  • Better staff numbers so there is less pressure across the team, and you have more time to spend with your patients
  • Every employee gets a personalised career development plan
  • Managers are accessible and the management structure is open and visible
  • Consultants are accessible and have great relationships with nurses, as well as the rest of the hospital team
  • Flexible working hours to suit your individual lifestyle and help you to establish a healthy work/life balance

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