BMI Academy

Learning & Development at BMI Healthcare


At BMI, we put training and personal development right at the heart of our organisation. We are committed to providing opportunities for our people to learn, develop and achieve their full potential.

Our employees are all given development programmes in order to continually improve both their personal and business performance.

BMI Academy aims to provide appropriate, tailored and effective training and development at all levels so that:

  • All new employees are introduced to the company in a supportive way
  • We support people to develop their strengths and bring their best self to work
  • Employees are prepared for and confident in their roles, ready to take advantage of promotional opportunities that may arise
  • Employees are encouraged to acquire additional skills and qualifications, which will assist them in their career with the Company


The BMI Academy covers all learning and people development activity at BMI Healthcare. We believe that talent should be nurtured at every level. All staff are encouraged to access courses and content through our bespoke learning management system.

We recognise that our employees are our greatest assets, and that the right recruitment and induction processes are vital in ensuring that our new employee becomes effective in the shortest time possible.



We do our best to help our new employees become productive members of staff through induction and training.

We have a comprehensive all-employee handbook as well as a manager induction handbook, which are shared alongside role- and site-specific inductions, alongside a buddy system. It’s important to us that all new employees are inducted appropriately.


Preceptorship and NMC registration

We have a preceptorship programme, which supports newly-qualified nurses to gain the skills, exposure and confidence needed to progress from students to experienced professionals. This 18-month programme offers significant support.

International nurses will benefit from our OSCE programme to prepare and support them for their NMC registration event.


Mandatory Training

For each role, BMI provides a comprehensive range of raining deemed necessary (and therefore mandatory) for the job.

Much of our mandatory training is delivered through e-learning. This is made available to new employees from their first day in role. Online courses are complemented by face-to-face training upon induction, and both e-learning and in person training are continued and refreshed at regular intervals.

We are aligned to the core skills framework with the NHS learning from Skills for health, which ensures that our mandatory training is transferable and recognised by specialist bodies.



In addition to mandatory modules, our learning management system hosts a broad range of optional training topics, including a suite of management development programmes. Programmes involve a mix of workbooks, webinars and virtual learning.

The catalogue showcases opportunities to help people decide what is best for them to access in line with the workforce plan.


CPD, Mentorship & Supervision

BMI actively encourages CPD in line with an individual’s professional body’s requirements. This can take a variety of forms, including face-to-face training, on the job learning and action learning sets.

CPD is supported by qualified mentors and clinical supervision. We support your revalidation needs and requirements.


Apprenticeships – ADVANCE your career with BMI

BMI has offered apprenticeships since 2017. We encourage people of all ages to join BMI at the very start of their career or at a career change and to gain valuable qualifications and lifelong skills through our apprenticeships.

We run our own BMI bespoke apprenticeships in Healthcare and Leadership and Management and offer a career ‘escalator’ that can take you from door to director.

We encourage and support many other apprenticeship standards and the opportunities for learning are supported across many fields.


City & Guilds Accreditation

The BMI Academy is proud to be an approved centre for City and Guilds and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). This allows us to offer accredited programmes at all levels covering awards, certificates and diplomas.


Personal Development

Personal development is a lifelong process. We provide our staff with the learning opportunities that will help them to achieve their career and life aims. Making the most of your potential is what we are all about.  

Personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital, and support people in realising their dreams and aspirations. BMI actively encourages staff in their personal development.


Management Development Framework

Ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to be a successful manager is part of what we do. The Management Development Framework is a range of courses, modules, masterclasses, workshops, e-learning and webinars created to develop our managers.

We link our programmes to Institute of Leadership and Management qualifications, enabling our managers to build their management skills and gain a qualification at the same time.

Our programmes support all the skills a new manager or aspiring manager requires to work with their teams and the processes at BMI Healthcare, including leadership and team building, understanding essential HR practices, how to use BMI systems, and Health and Safety.


Leadership Programme

Each year, BMI supports highly motivated, ambitious managers to undertake a leadership degree. There is also an opportunity to complete a fully funded MBA.

We want to ensure that at all stages of your career we are here to support you, helping you to maximise your potential.


Clinical Training and Qualifications

We offer a range of university-accredited, internally-delivered qualifications. Whether you are just starting your career or ready to develop to master level, we can support you with a wide range of courses.

There are a variety of learning paths available, with courses and modules tailored to your role, experience and goals.

The BMI career ‘escalator’ offers a clear and structured path of progression from door to director. You can step on and off the escalator, take a break, or accelerate through the educational opportunities.



We offer mentorship and develop mentors through training and development courses at level 6 and 7.


External training opportunities

In addition to our wide offering of internal training and development opportunities, many employees will want and need to undertake formal, external qualifications in order to develop their skills and advance their careers.

Each year, BMI provides financial support through an annual training programme to a wide range of employees wishing to embark upon formal qualifications. These are identified and supported through the appraisal cycle, during which an employee’s manager can put in a request for funding for external training.

Qualifications can be managerial, clinical, or vocational. Previous examples include: MSc in Infection control; Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy; MBA; Professional Certificate in Accounting; and NEBOSH Diploma in Health & Safety, among many others.


Individual performance development planning

We encourage all employees to plan their development so that everyone has a clear career path within BMI. Through this learning culture people can map what they want to accomplish each year.

Employees work with their line manager to determine what programmes are appropriate for their development., and we encourage regular ‘check-ins’ with their managers to ensure they are supported in both their business and personal goals.

We use a strengths-based feedback system to share a common positive language to support each other grow in our roles and build on our strengths.



The learning and development team support internal bespoke events bringing leaders and experts together to share learning and develop a culture of personal and professional development.